Mutton Leg Sleeve

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Future Forward project

Location: Iceland
Character: Reciprocate Sovereign
Day: August 20th, 2020
The beautiful sun covered by the storm on this day, just like the freedom and equality for women has been covered a LIFETIME. Reciprocate Sovereign’s hidden castle is setting up for a turnout point in history.
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Modern California 

Design Philosophy

Silhouette along many other factors have frequently changed throughout fashion history. The shape of women has also been altered with the help of dress for many years according to the ideal female form at the time. As a designer, I like playing with different silhouettes and fashion concepts to make a final garment that contains a specific time period silhouette and today’s freedom in women dress.

My garment was inspired by Modern California in the 50’s; I based my design on a fitted bodice with structure with boning as referenced in the time period. My personal touch on this garment is the open front where the bust is semi opened.

Research outline 

On my research paper Im going to talk about the history of mutton leg sleevee. My second topic I’m going to talk about will be about the 80’s puffy sleeves. For last I will be talking about how the 80’s compares and relates to the leg mutton and the time period. 

Museum Report

On my visit to the exhibition ’Reigning Men: Fashion in Men’s Wear 1715-2015’ at LACMA, I came across many timeless pieces that define history in menswear. I thought many pieces were interesting to me because as a fashion designer I can appreciate the construction of the garments.IMG_5293

One of the garments I chose to talk about was the ‘Smoking Jacket’ from Gift of Vickie, Epson and Stephanie Rosebloom. Even more than having an appreciation for the silhouette of the jacket from the late 19th century, what caught my attention the most of the garment was the artistic strategy in which the jacket was made. The Smoking Jacket was titled this way because of the recycled materials used in it, which came from silk-plain-weave, and silk twill ribbons (cigar bands), which were printed and quilted on wool plain weave. As a designer, I grabbed the idea of using recycled materials to make a completed garment and I am extremely inspired to think outside the box when it comes to designing artistic creations.


The exhibition at the LACMA was a combination of many different time periods ranging from the early 1700’s until 2015. When we get to see womens dresses throughout the same time period, today’s fashion was influenced by history but we do not see mens’ fashion being influenced by history in contemporary mens garments. It almost seems as though we are stuck with the same suits when it comes to special occasions or events. In contrast to women’s wear; women do not have gender barriers when it comes to recreating modern garments inspired by history. On the other hand, today’s menswear seems to not incorporate history of costume because of the ideal image men have to portray.

The lack of variety and artistic view in today’s fashion manes my design lean towards womens wear although I have realized that maybe that barrier in mens fashion makes me want to be the exclusion.